Let Us Handle Your Testing
Our secure, reliable testing grid is Enterprise ready and can run tests against applications behind your firewall, or locally. Integrate your favorite frameworks in minutes.
Test In Parallel
Running your tests in parallel with CrossBrowserTesting can radically shorten test execution time

Test Automation

Choosing the appropriate framework for test automation improves code reusability, provides maximum test coverage, establishes important recovery scenarios, achieves low cost maintenance, minimizes manual intervention, and establishes easy reporting procedures.

    Determine scope
  • Set expectations
  • Determine optimal cases to automate
    Based on
  • Requirements
  • Platform
  • infrastructure
  • script modularity
  • library architecture
  • hybrid test automation
  • data-driven testing
  • keyword/table-driven testing
  • manually
  • scheduled
  • maintain
    validity checks
  • scripts versioning
  • corrective, preventative & adaptive maintenance

What we get

Monitoring and logging
Continuous integration and continuous delivery
Building a secure DevOps model
Faster, better product delivery
Faster issue resolution and reduced complexity
Better resource utilization
Greater visibility into system outcomes